Dr. Hang Lu | Principal Investigator
hang DOT lu AT gatech DOT edu
Phone: 404.894.8473
Fax: 404.894.4200
Office: EBB 3017

Biosketch  Hang-Lu-CV
Dr. Guillaume Aubry | Research Scientist
Ph.D. in Physics, University of Paris-Saclay
Office: EBB 3211

Project(s): droplet microfluidics, CAR T cell
Hobbies: hiking, road trips
Carys R Thompson | Lab Technician
B.S. Georgia Tech

Hobbies: playing piano, biking

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Chris Pierce
B. A. in Physics, Oberlin College
B. Mus. in Technology in Music and Related Arts, Oberlin Conservatory
Ph.D. in Physics, The Ohio State University
Office: EBB 3211

Project(s): locomotion control in complex environments
Hobbies: cycling, cooking, making music

Current Graduate Students


Alex Calhoun | BME
B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, NC State University

Project(s): light sheet microscopy, whole brain imaging, mechanosensation
Hobbies: tabletop and video gaming, cosplay, homebrewing

Keren Zhang | ChBE
B.S. in Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley

Project(s): quantification of structural connectome, image segmentation
Hobbies: gaming, hiking, learning instruments

Jimmy Ding | BioE (ME home dept.)
B.S./M.S. Northwestern University

Project(s): changes in mechanosensory mechanisms throughout aging in C. elegans
Hobbies: reading and writing fiction

Haejun Han | BioE (ECE home dept.)
B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Seoul National University

Project(s): synapse segmentation and quantification, deep-learning based microscopy image restoration
Hobbies: playing tennis and playing video games with my wife

Lucinda Peng | BioE (BME home dept.)
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering & B.S./M.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Yale University

Project(s): role of mechanosensory feedback on locomotion
Hobbies: acroyoga, rock climbing, cycling, hiking

Sihoon Moon | ChBE
B.S. in Chemistry & B.Ch.E. in Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota

Project(s): whole-brain imaging, data analysis
Hobbies: cooking, hiking, trying new things

Hyun Jee Lee | ChBE
B.S. & M.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering, Korea University

Project(s): whole-brain imaging, image processing, chemical stimulation
Hobbies: playing music, bowling, board games

Erin Shappell | BioE (ECE home dept.)
B.S. in Computer Engineering, Clemson University

Project(s): C. elegans feeding behavior, deep learning-based tracking
Hobbies: reading, gaming, horseback riding

Anna Kaehr | ChBE
B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan

Project(s): cellular toxicity assessment of particulate matter
Hobbies: running, playing tennis, music (cello), knitting

Zikai Yu | BioE (ME home dept.)
B.S. in Theoretical & Applied Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China

Project(s): multicell imaging, machine learning
Hobbies: playing Go, cooking, video games

Robert Pritchard | BioE (ECE home dept.)
B.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Florida

Project(s): aging, whole-brain imaging, cell tracking
Hobbies: cooking, bouldering, reading

Current Undergraduate Students

Sarah Szabo
Oi Lam (Melody) Ko
Ava R Maalouf
Julia E Vallier
Xuefei (Grace) Lu
Jennah Walcott

Lab Alumni